Step Family Fucks 2 (720p)

Alexxa’s „step-son“ has the hots for her and when she finds out, she’s eager to know more. So when she interrogates him and discovers just how hard he is crushing on her, she is not only flattered, but turned on as well. She fucks him right there on her boyfriend’s sofa! Chanel catches her step-son jacking off in her living room. Rather than leaving him there to please himself, she decides to fuck his brains out before her husband returns. Candi overhears her stepson and his girlfriend having sex one night. Curious about his performance, she confronts him about it and suggests a fuck-fest of their own. He reluctantly agrees and Candi soon finds out just why his girlfriend had been screaming the night before. Victoria catchers her stepbrother jerking off to her panties in her bedroom. Instead of kicking him out, she fulfills the very fantasy that he’s been having about her for some time! Liz’s stepbrother has the hots for her friend Victoria. Both curious and jealous, Liz inquires about his interest in her. She seduces him into fucking her right there in their living room!

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